Paretimilano is the innovative project of framed glazing and solid partition walls designed to meet the high expectations of those who want sophisticated solutions for offices, residences, hotels,  museums,  or any other space to be fitted out and furnished. The wide range of profiles, consisting of M100share, M100zero, M45monolith, M45curved, M45open, M20 x-small, P100structura, P100structuraL, P80ewall and Doors, stands out for its offer of solutions  for every need, even for the most specific and demanding situations.

The important new feature is the possibility of coordinating the finish and trim of different profiles, aluminium cladding made with Plana and Bugnato technlogy and, if necessary, smooth exterior coatings using the COLORBOX system. It is an exceptional collection with hundreds of Ponzio finishes, the result of the extraordinary knowledge gained over the course of the 70 years in the aluminium sector for door and window frames, curtain walls and the thermal performance of buildings.

FROM 1941

For more than 70 years Ponzio has been a market leader in the production and design of high-energy- efficiency aluminium systems for contemporary architecture (curtain walls, doors and frame-less systems). Ponzio offers a wide range of high quality surface finishes with special attention to technologically advanced products. The company constantly invests in research, technology, innovation and creativity to reach excellence and maintain its leadership in the market. The constant attention of Ponzio to the quality, the environment and the safety have led Ponzio to become a member of GBC Italy which pursues the development and the adaptation of the LEED trademark in Italy.


The design of innovative systems and components is carried out internally. Our technical department develops high-performing solutions by using the 3D printing technology for the prototypes production. All the performance tests are made in the inside testing laboratory. The most particular an detailed architectural projects are followed and developed inside, by a highly-qualified staff.


The company covers an area of over 60,000 square meters, the production area dedicated includes the warehouse of raw profiles with a stock of 2,000 Tons, first finishes with a stock of 200 Tons, a plant with a horizontal painting capacity not 8 Tons per shift and vertical large production with over 18 Tons per turn. Ponzio is a leader in the sector thanks to the surface finish and an innovative anodizing plant with a capacity of 6 Tons in turn. Our finishes enhance the contemporary architecture.


Ponzio has invested for years in the quality of products and processes, pursuing a constant improvement of the same and customer satisfaction, attested by ISO 9001 certification The process of improvement is pursued in full environmental compatibility of the activities and with a focus health and safety of workers and the other parties operating in the building, having proceeded to the implementation of an environmental management system certified to ISO 14001 and a management system for health and safety, according to OHSAS 18001. the purpose of the continuous improvement of environmental performance has been reflected in a number of investments aimed at reducing the environmental impacts of activities and reduce resource consumption. The Pontius was the first company in the aluminum sector to obtain EMAS registration under the EC Regulation 761/01, and among the first in Italy.

PRODUCTS M100 M45 M20 P100 P80 Doors



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