Environments made with work or domestic well-being in mind. Places to be fully experienced.

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Environments made with work or domestic well-being in mind. Places to be fully experienced.

Paretimilano is at the side of interior designers, architects, clients to study, produce, install and customize environments that allow those who live and frequent them to be the best place to spend their time.
The use of highly refined and technologically advanced materials makes it possible to design thinking about the uniqueness and exclusivity of the solutions to be created.
An extraordinary design experience.

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Special creations, without worries.

Paretimilano has its own production and that is why it can, with extreme lightness, tackle even the most particular projects, not only in terms of implementation difficulties, but also in terms of production and delivery / installation times.
The organization is dedicated to both product and process performance and this is demonstrated by the numerous realizations carried out with satisfaction in the world.
An extraordinary challenge to face together.

New ideas,
for solutions always

Design + Function + Sustainability = Glass and Aluminum by Paretimilano

Paretimilano is thought, study, realization and advanced and innovative research for all solutions of walls, doors and containment of working and residential environments.
addicted to detail,
in the design and construction of every single piece of furniture.

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The Range of Solutions

Paretimilano is the innovative project of glazed and blind partition walls designed to meet the high expectations of those who want sophisticated solutions for operational and executive offices, private residences, accommodation and hospitality facilities, museums and in general any other space to be set up, furnished and divided into measure of one’s own and others’ well-being.
The wide range of profiles, consisting of M100share, M45-monolith, M45curved, M45open, M20 x-small, P100structura, P80ewall and Doors, stands out in offering solutions suitable to meet every need. Even the most particular and the most whimsical.

When elegance
meets functionality