Project of the month: 10 Winthrop in Boston (USA)

Today we want to tell you about an international project carried out in Boston, in the USA.

We are talking about the innovative modernization project of the elegant six-story building dating back to the early 1900s, called 10 Winthrop, purchased in 2014 by Chevron Partners, a private property development, investment, asset management and property company.

The interior spaces were set up with our M45 partition wall model in black velvet aluminum, one of the most classic types of our support and sealing systems, for all types of slabs, extremely versatile and suitable for any environment. The availability of the separate sealing profile and finishing carter allows further personalization of the fittings through the use of different internal / external colors, in this case an extra-clear transparent glass was used with doors framed with an aluminum panel in black velvet . The profiles of the series allow great adjustment capacity if the work surfaces, ceiling and floor, are divergent or irregular.

These are the words of the director of the Safar company who continues as follows: “Our structure aims to provide beautiful working environments for entrepreneurs who appreciate their corporate workplaces and want an elegant, comfortable and productive space in which their employees can work. , get together and collaborate, as well as adequately entertain their professional guests. “

The intent of the company reflects the new needs of entrepreneurs and employees, which have changed due to the pandemic that has upset social and work dynamics: “Many office owners have opted for the downsizing of spaces in favor of greater functionality of the same, after the advent of smartworking, in fact, made it difficult to bring employees and entire teams back to an environment that was not remote “.

A historic building

Raynham-based architecture firm DJSA worked on the design to provide a crisp, clean and refined look to this brick and beam building by beautifully blending the characteristics of the “old” with the “new” with modern building systems and the comforts that they will make it particularly attractive to business owners and employees. The building, with a history dating back to the early 1900s, has always been used as commercial spaces and has now been modernized with the aim of hosting first-rate and high-class offices and boutiques, making it an iconic and unique building in the historic Winthrop square.

The role of Paretimilano within the Boston Project

The new look reflects the owners’ intent to provide a truly attractive and functional space. Building materials include wood flooring for the kitchens, marble in the lobby, and a grand staircase. In addition, in the hall and on the stairs there are Italian ironworks, as well as marble works.

10 Winthrop reflects the thought and care that goes into understanding and meeting the needs of professional companies and retail industries in this “new reality”.

Architect: DJSA
Interior design: ADIGE

With the aim of making this building unique both externally and internally, the DJSA, which oversaw the design of the building together with the procurement company for materials and interior design, called upon Paretimilano.

The role of our company, in fact, has been fundamental in furnishing and dividing spaces with elegance and functionality. Our partition walls in symbiosis with the supporting elements of the structure have divided the various floors up to obtain 25 open space workstations, 4-5 private offices, additional meeting areas, a kitchen and a living room.