Double glass profile 55×40 mm

Double glass profile with double-glazed hinged door

Blendowood: aluminium technology meets the emotion of wood, giving rise to a great innovation in the sector of aluminium fixtures. Aluminium profile, glass hinged door and blind panel door in the same real wood veneer.

Aluminium in Blendwood lasts over time both in terms of durability and aesthetics: it goes beyond the concept of fashion because it is formed from the union of two noble materials: aluminium and real wood.

M55W with Wood veneered hinged glass door
Wood veneered panel hinged door
Particular of wood veneered hinged glass door.

M55W is proposed today with the exclusive wood veneer: a special finish that combines the aluminium performance with the warmth and the pleasant touch real wood suitable for all those environments where design is required as a “must”.

M55W with Wood veneered hinged glass door

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